Heat Pump Technical Support

We provide technical support to installers who
require installation or commissioning advice.
Please Note: The technical support is only
available to customers once they have made their first purchase with Ecobubl.
You will be required to produce your sales order number for technical support, so please have this to hand ready!
We also provide help to new customers who are
unsure of which part they may need for a job?
Ecobubl are here to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in the event of a Breakdown?

If you have a Silver or Gold service/breakdown plan with Daikin please call them on  01932 879278 bristolservice@daikin.co.uk

Regarding your Daikin Eye:

A blue color means the unit is operating correctly and the Red color means there is a fault with the system.

There will be a description of the fault on the screen, please make a note of this.

To reset the fault you will need to turn off the power to the outdoor unit, there will be an isolation switch (colored white, yellow and red) please see below, switch this to the O position (off) leave for 10 seconds and turn it back on again.  

​Switching the isolator off and back on should reset the fault and the Daikin eye should return to a blue color again, the heat pump will then start working again, in either heating or hot water mode, depending on the requirement.

I have a blocked filter, what should I do?

If your Daikin Heat Pump is displaying a 7H fault (flow error fault), it may be caused by lack of pressure in the system, so always check this first, however it could be a blocked filter.

The filter is positioned outside on the return pipe work to the heat pump.

You will require a adjustable spanner to remove the filter cap:

  • First of all shut the valve, so the handle is across the pipe (not inline with the pipe) unscrew the plug anti clockwise, place your finger inside the filter and pull it out of the socket, give it a good clean and replace again, make sure its in the correct position (it can only fit one way), do not over tighten the plug screw, it has a big rubber on it. 

Do I need to request planning permission to install an air source heat-pump?

In most situations planning permission is not required.

As long as you follow the requirements:

  • That the heat pump's outdoor unit compressor does not exceed the size requirements of 0.6m²
  • That you as an installer follow the set MCS Standards, then installing a heat pump will not require planning permission. It is always best to check with the Local Authority Planning Departments. To ensure all requirements are met.