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3M Flexi-tail Pack

3M Flexi-tail Pack


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he Flexi-tail cable is a type of surface wiring cable designed for domestic and light industrial use, where the risk of mechanical interference is low. It has a voltage rating of 300/500 volts and features a single core made of PVC insulation and sheathing, providing double insulation. This cable can be directly clipped to a surface, used on a tray, embedded in plaster, or used in free air.

What sets the Flexi-tail cable apart in the double insulated market is its unique construction. Unlike standard cables with 7 strands, the Flexi-tail cable has a single core that is stranded into 19 individual strands. This higher stranding ratio greatly enhances the cable's flexibility, making it remarkably easy to handle. It is particularly well-suited for tight spaces and corners where maneuverability is crucial.

This tail pack consists of pre-cut lengths of cables for your convenience. It includes 3 meters of brown tails, 3 meters of blue tails, both with a 25mm² cross-sectional area and 19 strands. Additionally, it contains 3 meters of green-yellow earth cable with a 16.0mm² cross-sectional area.


  • Dimensions: Length - 3 meters
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Weight: 2.04

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