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Elite Cyl Heatpump Unvented 120 L (Elite Cyl H/P)

Elite Cyl Heatpump Unvented 120 L (Elite Cyl H/P)


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The Elite Cyl Heatpump Unvented 120 L, also known as the Elite Cyl H/P 120L, is an unvented heat pump cylinder designed for heating water using a heat pump system. Here is a general description of the Elite Cyl H/P 120L:

  1. Heat Pump Technology: The Elite Cyl H/P 120L utilizes heat pump technology to efficiently heat water. It extracts heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the water, resulting in energy-efficient operation and reduced energy consumption.

  2. Unvented Design: The cylinder is unvented, meaning it operates under high pressure and doesn't require a separate cold water storage tank. It is directly connected to the mains water supply, providing hot water at mains pressure throughout the building.

  3. 120 L Capacity: The Elite Cyl H/P 120L has a capacity of 120 liters, indicating the volume of water it can hold. This capacity is suitable for medium-sized households or light commercial applications with moderate hot water demands.

  4. Insulated Cylinder: The cylinder is typically well-insulated to minimize heat loss and improve overall energy efficiency. This insulation helps maintain the temperature of the stored water for longer periods, reducing the need for frequent heating cycles.

  5. Controls and Safety Features: The Elite Cyl H/P 120L may come equipped with controls and safety features to ensure optimal performance and user safety. These may include temperature control, pressure relief valves, and frost protection to prevent freezing in colder climates.

  6. Integration with Heat Pump System: The cylinder is designed to work seamlessly with a heat pump system. It can be connected to a compatible heat pump unit, which provides the heat source for heating the water in the cylinder.

Please note that the specific features, functionalities, and additional details of the Elite Cyl Heat pump Unvented 120 L (Elite Cyl H/P 120L) may vary based on the exact model and configuration. For precise and detailed information, it is recommended to refer to the official documentation provided by UK cylinders or consult with their customer support.

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