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Flexi Feet (FF-600-S-P Shallow Feet)

Flexi Feet (FF-600-S-P Shallow Feet)


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Flexi Foot with Strut Kits – These feet can support pipework, cable tray, and can also be used to mount air conditioning units, air source heat pumps and a variety of outdoor equipment.

Solar thermal and solar photovoltaic on flat roof installations can also be accommodated. Made from heavy-duty recycled rubber. The 21x41mm galvanised steel strut is supplied bonded the rubber. Drain slots are moulded to the underside of the foot.

The FF-600-S Flexi Foot is equipped with a 600mm strut and has dimensions of 600mm in length, 185mm in width, and 100mm in height. It is designed to support a maximum load capacity of 420kg. The weight of the Flexi Foot itself is 7.6kg.

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