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IntaKlean Magnetic filter

IntaKlean Magnetic filter


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The intaKlean HP Magnetic Air Source Heat Pump Filter is an innovative solution designed to prevent system breakdowns in air source heat pump systems. It incorporates inta's unique direct multi-layered non-ferrous fine filter to effectively address both magnetic and non-ferrous particulates. Here is a reworded description of the product:

The intaKlean HP Magnetic Air Source Heat Pump Filter is specifically designed to protect air source heat pump systems from costly and unnecessary breakdowns caused by magnetic and non-ferrous particulates. It offers the following key features:

  1. Unique Direct Filter: The filter features a multi-layered stainless steel 300-micron fine gauze, providing effective filtration of system debris. This unique direct filter forces the debris directly into the core of the filter, where it is captured and contained, preventing it from circulating in the system.

  2. Magnetite and Non-Ferrous Debris Filtration: The filter actively filters both magnetite (magnetic debris) and non-ferrous system debris, ensuring a comprehensive filtration process to maintain system performance and efficiency.

  3. Multi-Layered Filter Design: The filter incorporates a 300-micron fine particle filter and an 800-micron mesh filter, allowing for efficient removal of both fine and larger debris particles.

  4. Convenient Features: The intaKlean HP filter includes a low-profile drain valve for easy maintenance and servicing, as well as a fully removable 11,000 gauss magnet for effective magnetic debris capture. It also offers 360° installation flexibility, full bore isolation valves for system isolation, and a manual air vent for air release.

The intaKlean HP Magnetic Air Source Heat Pump Filter provides an advanced and comprehensive solution for filtering magnetite and non-ferrous debris in air source heat pump systems. With its unique direct filter design, multi-layered filtration, and convenient features, it helps prevent system breakdowns and ensures the smooth operation and longevity of the heat pump system.

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