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140mm Trunking 2000mm Length (Black)

140mm Trunking 2000mm Length (Black)


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Inaba Denko offers ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) External Trunking, a solution designed to protect pipework and insulation associated with air source heat pumps. This trunking is available in a width of 140mm and comes in ivory or black color options.

Here are the features of the Inaba Denko ASHP External Trunking:

  1. Easy Installation: The trunking is designed for easy installation, making it convenient for professionals or individuals handling the task.

  2. Accommodates Pipework and Cabling: With its 140mm width, the trunking can accommodate both the insulated flow and return pipework as well as any associated cabling that may be required for the ASHP system.

  3. Professional and Neat Finish: The trunking provides a professional and tidy appearance, ensuring that the installation looks clean and organized.

  4. High-Grade Fade-Resistant PVC: The trunking is constructed from high-grade PVC material that is resistant to fading. This ensures its durability and maintains its appearance over time, even when exposed to sunlight or harsh weather conditions.

  5. Protection from Elements, Accidental Damage, and Pest Damage: The primary purpose of the trunking is to provide protection. It shields the pipework, insulation, and cabling from the elements, such as rain, wind, or UV radiation. It also safeguards against accidental damage caused during maintenance or other activities. Additionally, the trunking can help prevent pests or rodents from accessing or damaging the components.

Overall, Inaba Denko ASHP External Trunking offers a reliable solution for protecting the pipework, insulation, and cabling of air source heat pump systems. Its ease of installation, wide width, and durable construction make it a suitable choice for achieving a professional and secure installation.

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