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Have an order inquiry?

Can I get a refund?

Please complete the returns form if you want to return any unopened or defective items.

Under no circumstances will returns be accepted without a properly filled-out Returns Form

Please take a look at our Return/ Refund page for more information.

How do I modify an order?

To request changes to your order, please contact us at 01985 208 209 and provide your order number along with the details of the modifications you'd like to make.

If any additional payment is required, we can assist you with that over the phone.

Please note that once an order has been dispatched, we are unable to modify it. In such cases, a separate order will need to be placed.

How do I cancel and order?

You have the option to cancel your order at any time before it is dispatched. To initiate the cancellation process, please contact us at 0195 208 209 and provide your order number.

If your order has not been dispatched yet, it will be cancelled, and you will receive an immediate refund. However, please note that for orders that have already been dispatched, a cancellation fee will be applicable.

This fee covers our shipping and return costs and amounts to £90 for larger items delivered by a shipping service, or £10 for smaller items sent via courier. The cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund.

Why is my order delayed?

If you encounter any delays with your order, please reach out to us immediately at 01985 208 209

Our team is dedicated to resolving the issue promptly. Please be aware that once the courier has picked up the package from our facility, we have limited influence over the delivery process.

Although delays are infrequent, they can arise due to factors beyond our jurisdiction. We empathize with the frustration caused by delays, and we want to assure you that we will do our utmost to support you during these circumstances.