The world's leading air conditioning manufacturer -Daikin. The source of the company's steady growth is its world-class air-conditioning technology developed in Japan.

Made possible with high-quality products which are developed in Japan. Also including air conditioners & air purifiers which meet customers expectation and beyond.



Mixergy develop smart and connected hot water technologies which enable you to live better, save money, and reduce your impact on the environment.

Made in Britain


tepeo was founded in 2018 to give customers a low cost, low carbon, smart and yet simple route off of fossil fuel heating.

Since then we’ve designed, built, tested, rejected and trialed many ways to create an efficient thermal storage solution for low carbon heating - all culminating in the ZEB.

We launched the ZEB in 2021 and are focused on bringing it to more customers across the UK as we grow our network of tepeoPRO installers and in developing new solutions to help even more homes transition away from gas and oil.

tepeo is here to help millions of homeowners heat their homes, not the planet.

Salus Controls


We envision a future where more and more people can enjoy the comfort of a smart home.

Salus are committed to creating simple, easy to use and install devices that enable people to control every aspect that impacts their comfort: temperature, lighting and home safety.

Hot Water Specialists

UK Cylinders

Range of superior quality AIR cylinders are built using high grade Duplex stainless steel and designed to provide fast flowing hot water to single or multiple outlets.

Manufactured to the highest standards and supplied with innovative components to ensure quick recovery, low heat loss and economic use of energy.

Made in Britain

World Heat

We manufacture water storage cylinders for any application. From our highly efficient unvented

Clima-Cyl Range, Eco-herm Thermal Stores through to bespoke cylinders to meet your exact specification and requirements, WH Cylinders have the solution for you.