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Straight Trunking 2M Length 75mm (Ivory)

Straight Trunking 2M Length 75mm (Ivory)

SKU:ID-NSD-75-I / ID-NSD- 77-I

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To ensure the safety and longevity of the pipework and insulation connected to an air source heat pump, it is crucial to provide adequate protection. Our range of Inaba Denko trunking offers a reliable solution for this purpose. Available in both ivory and black, these trunking options have a width of 140mm, allowing them to accommodate the insulated flow and return pipework, as well as any associated cabling.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation for convenience.
  • The 75mm width of the trunking is designed to accommodate both the insulated flow and return pipework, as well as any additional cabling required.
  • Provides a professional and tidy finish, ensuring a clean appearance.
  • Constructed from high-grade PVC that is resistant to fading, ensuring durability over time.
  • Specifically designed in an ivory color option.
  • Offers protection from external elements, accidental damage, and potential pest interference.

By utilizing the Inaba Denko trunking, you can effectively shield and safeguard the pipework, insulation, and associated cables of your air source heat pump, promoting their longevity and efficient operation.

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