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Flexible ASHP Hose Pair 300mm x 28mm - 1" FEMALE c/w ELBOW

Flexible ASHP Hose Pair 300mm x 28mm - 1" FEMALE c/w ELBOW


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The Flexible ASHP Hose Pair with dimensions of 300mm x 28mm and 1" female connections, along with elbow fittings, is designed for use with Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) systems. Here is a description of the product:

  1. Size: The hose pair has a length of 300mm and a diameter of 28mm. This size is suitable for connecting the ASHP unit to the water distribution system or other relevant components.

  2. 1" Female Connections: The hoses are equipped with 1" female connections on both ends. These connections allow for easy attachment to compatible male fittings or adapters.

  3. Elbow Fittings: The hose pair comes with elbow fittings included. These fittings provide a 90-degree turn, allowing for easier routing and connection of the hoses in tight spaces or corners.

  4. Flexible Design: The hoses are made from flexible materials that allow for easy bending and installation. This flexibility enables convenient routing and connection of the hoses while accommodating any necessary adjustments.

  5. Application: The Flexible ASHP Hose Pair is specifically designed for use in ASHP systems. It can be used to connect the ASHP unit to the water supply and return lines, facilitating the circulation of heated or cooled water.

  6. Durable Construction: The hoses are constructed with durable materials that are resistant to wear, corrosion, and temperature fluctuations. This ensures longevity and reliability in various operating conditions.

Please note that the specific features, materials, and additional details of the Flexible ASHP Hose Pair may vary based on the manufacturer and product variation. For precise and detailed information, it is recommended to refer to the official documentation provided by the manufacturer or consult with their customer support.

 Pump House Flexible Hose is designed to meet the requirements of the MCS MIS 3005 installation specification to allow the flow and return pipe work to connect to a heat pump. The flexible hose helps to avoid transmission of vibration in the pipe work and allows for a smooth bend when connecting the flow and return pipe to the heat pump or biomass boiler.

Stainless steel braided hose
Pre-insulated with 19mm thick PVC coating
1″ and 1-1/4″ male or female BSP thread fitting available
28mm / 32mm compression fitting
Additional 80mm of insulation to cover the connectors

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