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Hybrid Monobloc (R32) Heat Pump System Bundles

Hybrid Monobloc (R32) Heat Pump System Bundles


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The Daikin Altherma H Hybrid heat pump is a cutting-edge heating solution that combines the efficiency of condensing gas technology with the versatility of an air-to-water heat pump. Here are some key features and benefits:

1. Efficient Operation: By utilizing both condensing gas and air-to-water heat pump technology, the system ensures efficient operation under various conditions. It dynamically selects the most economical mode based on factors such as outdoor temperature, energy prices, and internal heat load, optimizing energy usage and cost savings.

2. Heating Only Models: The system offers heating-only models, catering specifically to the heating needs of the space. This focused functionality ensures optimal performance for heating applications.

3. Low Investment Cost: One of the significant advantages of the Daikin Altherma H Hybrid heat pump is its low investment cost. Since there's no need to replace existing radiators (compatible with temperatures up to 80°C) and pipework, installation costs are minimized, making it an attractive option for renovations or upgrades.

4. Coverage for Renovation Applications: The system is designed to provide sufficient heat for renovation applications, covering all heat loads up to 32kW. This broad coverage ensures that it can effectively meet the heating requirements of various spaces, even in retrofitting scenarios.

5. Easy and Fast Installation: Thanks to its compact dimensions and simplified water connections, installation is easy and fast. This reduces downtime during installation and minimizes disruptions to daily operations or living spaces.

Overall, the Daikin Altherma H Hybrid heat pump offers a compelling solution for efficient, cost-effective heating in both residential and commercial settings, combining the best of gas and heat pump technologies for optimal performance and comfort.

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